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Day & Residential Services

Our passion is helping adults of all ages and abilities through our Day Service Program and Residential Services. Our Direct Support Professionals help facilitate the life our individuals choose to live with as much or as little support as they need or want.

Day Service Program

Our Day Service Program is where our individuals of all ages and abilities learn and perfect skills. We encourage growth and learning by creating education classes to develop each individual's knowledge base.

Our Day Service Program also provides opportunities to participate in our community. Activities are planned according to group interests. Some of our group's favorite activities include participating in Special Olympics - Kansas and gardening. Grocery shopping is another highlight for our group. Individuals plan the menus for their households, prep a shopping list, and collect supplies they need with help from residential and day service staff. 

We created the Agape's Grace Thrift Store so our individuals would have a safe place in their community to work. Individuals participating in our Day Service Program have the opportunity to work each day on tasks that help the thrift store function. 

A typical day in our Day Service Program follows a schedule that includes class time, exercise, lunch, and clean up. Staff guide our individuals, helping them make choices for a positive day. 

To learn more or apply for our Day Service Program, call 913-526-2817.

Residential Services

Our residential services allow individuals to live at home and make choices for themselves while giving their families comfort that they are also safe. This program is best for those who are able to live independently but require assistance.

Our residential day service providers support our individuals while they explore life, including personal interests, such as cooking, video games, chores, movies, car repair, crafts, gardening, and more. 

In 2021, we added a men's group home to our program. Group homes are great options for people with special needs who don't require more advanced care but who cannot live independently.

To learn more or apply for our Residential Services, call 913-526-2817.

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